✽ Measurements taken at site after a physical inspection done by our Marketing Engineer. At the site, Customer can give their valuable inputs and the way they want their space managed.

✽ Based on the suggestions and requirement of the client, different designs will be provided by our design team.

✽ The Designs provided will be explained in detail and the client's inputs are incorporated in the design, be it addition or deletion or modification.

✽ Customization will be done to the extent that the customer feels that he has designed his/her own Space.

✽ Suggestions on the type of product will be given based on the liking and the budget of the client.

Post Sales

✽ Either a physical marking at site or marking drawing on the Electrical & Plumbing points required for the finalized design.

✽ Suitable Support Systems will be recommended, purchased and installed by us.

✽ Coordination with builder & associated agencies for smooth execution.

✽ All products come with a stipulated guarantee period, even after which our service follow up will continue.

✽ A personalized Care and attention both from Marketing and Installation team is a unique feature from us.